NICHE Modelling Agency Dubai

Founded in July 2017, Niche Modelling Agency is a top-rank Modelling & Talent Management firm and Events and Media Production Agency in the UAE.
Niche is the go-to Media Production Agency in the UAE where models, talents and bookers/producers are happy to work with each other. Achieving the highest quality standard and stress-free services to clientele is the common goal.

Niche services a wide range of clients from startups to global brands on both local and international level. Whether it’s from the fashion industry or the commercial, Niche provides the highest quality of services.

The agency also collaborates with the Top International Modelling Agencies established in France, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Russia, Canada, Ukraine, Spain, Poland and many more.

Our Services

International Models


We offer diverse selection of male and female international models under placement and for direct booking.

Dubai-based Models and Talents

“Only The Best”

We offer only the best quality and professional models, photographers, actors, cast, kid models, stylist and host/hostesses based in UAE.

  • Models
  • Photographers
  • Actors
  • Cast
  • Kid Models
  • Stylist
  • Host / Hostesses

Model Management

“A Spotlight is Every Person’s DREAM”

  • Scouting, developing and marketing models/talents.
  • Kids Portfolio
  • Model Portfolio
  • Model Training Course
  • Corporate Portfolio

Photoshoot Production

“Breaking Norms”

We offer full still production services for fashion, editorial, commercial/advertising/ lifestyle, product, food, jewelry, hair, cars, portfolio, wedding and events.

  • Models/Cast/Extras
  • Photographer
  • Stylist
  • Art Director
  • Casting
  • Location
  • Permit
  • Equipment
  • Catering
  • Post Production

Video Production

“Quality Services”

We offer full video production services for TVCs, corporate, weddings and events.

  • Models/Actors/Cast/Extras
  • Director
  • DOP
  • Casting
  • Stylist
  • Art Director
  • Location
  • Permit
  • Equipment
  • Catering
  • Post Production

Event Production

“Stress Free Services”

We offer full event production services for fashion, corporate, weddings and private events.

  • Models/ Host/Hostesses
  • Choreographer
  • Show Director
  • Casting
  • Stylist
  • Entertainers
  • Back Stage Staff
  • Event Photography
  • Event Video Coverage
  • Light, Stage and Sounds
  • Red Carpet / Media Wall Set Up
  • Location
  • Permits
  • PR
  • Catering